3D Demo Days – Experience 3D at NetStar

Tired of hearing about 3DTV, but not seeing it?

The Consumer Electronics Association, ESPN, and local retailers including NetStarElectronics.com retail stores, are celebrating “National 3D Demo Days” from now through Sept. 12. The motivating factor for the 3D showcase is obviously the need to entice Americans into buying 3DTVs, seen as the next big thing in living-room consumer electronics. The CEA, for example, predicts that Americans will buy 3 million 3DTVs in 2010 alone. The organization’s research also says that among consumers who have seen 3DTV, nearly half rated the experience as “excellent” (46 percent), and eight in ten (79 percent) rated the visual experience positively.

While many people are still debating the need for 3D in their home, the only way to really know if it is something you want – is to go out and see it! As more and more 3D content is being produced, including live sports events, the demand for 3D TVs will increase. Imaging having the experience of watching Avatar in 3D in your own living room!

Head over to NetStarElectronics.com, or go to your local NetStar location to get hands on with 3D, this weekend, and every day!


~ by kmcdonald5500 on May 13, 2011.

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